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Big stage

We could define this as the stage in which the subject’s primary goal is to increase muscle mass.

In a more technical sense, this would be the stage at which the subject’s planning is emphasized by increasing the CSA area or cross-sectional area through stimuli that induce the development of muscle hypertrophy “

There are many factors that affect the development of muscle mass, as it is an adaptation, as it is achieved not only by a specific factor, but also by combining many factors that allow you to test for hypertrophy.

By analyzing the factors that cause this increase in muscle mass, we can highlight:

1. Caloric Excess: To build muscle mass, the body needs a positive supply of energy that absorbs the “calorie surplus” that generates this “anabolic” muscle growth environment.

Very often, in the gym, we can see how users structure an excessively high contribution of calories, this fact causes saturation of the receptors responsible for hypertrophic adaptations, so you can often see how after months “STRICT VOLUME DIET” did not gain muscle mass, they just gained extra weight and have a high fat mass index.

Photo 1. First determination after more than 4 years of study without knowledge of the subject.

Photo 2. Physical condition after the second determination, changes in planning knowledge.

Why is this happening?

I was the first person to crash with this error over the years, I went from doing the detection steps to the sound steps where I was eating EXTREMELY large amounts of food.

So I found a maze where, despite trying every day, I returned to my starting point.

You will be surprised … Why are you showing me the physical condition in the definition?

  1. In the first photo, I made all the mistakes mentioned above, excessive calorie excesses, which made it difficult to eliminate body fat during the determination, despite the high deficit, especially in those critical areas with a large number of fat cells ( I have type 2 obesity throughout my childhood)
  2. In the first change in planning mode you may have already seen noticeable changes, what have I changed?
  3. Try to keep fit throughout the year.
  4. The calorie surplus was not so excessive, which allowed the cellular receptors to remain more “receptive”.


  • Program a calorie surplus to build muscle slowly and gradually.
  • Gradually increase your carbohydrates by +40 or 50 g per month, and when your body accepts this increase, it generates another again, ensuring its correct use.

2. Progressive increase in gym grades:

The fundamental moment to get stronger is to get stronger. That being said, I do not mean that we have to carry more loads at any cost, but if, while maintaining a clean technique, year after year we experience an increase in loads that we can handle with the same number of repetitions. Improving our RM.

Before we could see my physique in the first definitions, now I show you a change from my last definition, focusing 80% of annual planning on getting stronger.

Photo 3. A sharp increase in the quality of a sports gesture and RM. 2014 vs 2018

3. Adequate rest.

An extremely important point that we often overlook is rest. Take a break not only from your sleep hours, but also between workouts.

Very often we come to the gym with the feeling “I AM SHOCK” due to excessive training frequency, excessive intensity, lack of shock …

These factors will result in performance degradation from session to session, thus preventing significant improvements.

So, for now, the tips are as follows:

  1. Sleep between 9-10 hours a day, if you are pressed for time, try taking a nap at noon.
  2. Begin your program by spreading your weekly volume over 3 workouts with a focus on rest.
  3. That your breaks are NOT INTERRUPTED to spend the day sleeping. On your rest days, keep your body active by trying to set yourself up to at least 10,000 steps a day to increase the hormones responsible for falling asleep. In addition, it promotes optimal health.

4. The quality of the sports gesture

For me, the main aspect that is lacking in all “scientific research” is the quality of the sports gesture, the development of muscles includes the correct activation of motor units during movement, avoidance of work due to inertia and focus on strength work. The strength of a sports gesture with load control will create the foundations and preconditions for a stronger and more developed physique.

Focusing on the principle of STABILITY, a fundamental prerequisite for the development of muscle mass, understood as “the body’s ability to maintain balance.”

Therefore, it is important that the body is stable under load … Do you think that with high instability, the body will strive to increase muscle mass?

This fact can lead to the body being able to carry more stress, which increases the risk of injury and therefore inhibits muscle growth.

Thus, during the execution of movements you FEEL STABILITY, and with it – the POSSIBILITY TO PRODUCE STRENGTH.

As a summary, we can conclude that for the correct stage of the volume we need:




4. IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF ATHLETIC GESTURE, ADD QUALITY (flawless movements) TO YOUR TRAINING TO QUANTITY (repetitions, momentum and rebound).

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