El nuevo culturismo natural

New natural bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a discipline in which physical qualities such as (strength, endurance, strength, etc.) are assessed not from a functional point of view (kilogram lifted, meters traveled, seconds used), but from an aesthetic perspective.

This accompanies certain functional adaptations (mass, definition, vascularization, rockiness, etc.) and because the basic foundations that allow these transformations correspond to the laws of applied biology and physiology, the theory of training can be completely talked about sports.

Despite the fact that doping has now dotted all disciplines, in bodybuilding it has taken root like a yoke over the past 60 years, completely supplanting the essence of its origin.

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This is mainly due to two reasons:

  1. Since it is not a federated sport, no one has been seriously involved in strict anti-doping controls and tough sanctions until now.
  2. Because the impact of doping on this discipline is critical in muscle development.

In other words, the world record for 100 meters in 1920 was set by Donald Lippincot (10.6 inches). Nearly a century later, despite all the scientific advances and the emergence of doping, the rate “only” improved in one second (which is outrageous in this discipline … but in one second, not five or six). This is because there is a natural limit to functional hypertrophy that allows productive adaptation in the race.

However, in bodybuilding based on genetics, discipline and dedication, the result will be directly proportional to the ability to tolerate more drugs and the receptor response. (Recommended for real athletes ferinject 50 mg preis) There is clear scientific evidence1 that supplying a sedentary man with simple testosterone allows him to gain more muscle than is possible for a natural subject with rigorous training.

Something that finds confirmation in the observation of history, simply comparing John Grimek (1940) with a weight of 88 kg x 174 cm and 44.5 cm in the pre-steroid period, with Larry Scott (1965) weighing 92 kg 170 cm and 50 cm hands at the beginning of the dope plague (experimenting with fear of “only” 5-10 mg of Dianabol) to reach the current Mr. Olympia Phill Hit (2017) with 120 kg x 175 cm and 55 arms in Today, when there are no restrictions on the type and amount of drugs to be administered.

El nuevo culturismo natural

The New Natural Bodybuilding

We’re talking + 30 / 40kg from muscle mass to genetic talent ratio, which makes the difference to a measly “second more” of athletics.

All this ended with the absolute loss of interest of the majority in this sport and the belief that it is impossible to achieve something amazing or worthy of admiration. True bodybuilding has been forgotten.

For this reason, about 30 years ago, a movement began in the United States demanding that this discipline be free of doping substances. with the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation), the only organization that performs double doping tests for all athletes and triple winners in all of their competitions, as well as unexpected urine tests in the offseason. Currently there are over 25 participating countries and over 340 participants in every World Cup.

On October 27, Palma de Mallorca will host the 1st Spanish WNBF Championship, where for the first time in history all athletes will undergo double doping control. They must sign an anti-doping agreement which, if not complied with, will result in severe financial penalties in addition to lifelong disqualification.

All with purpose and enthusiasm to finally offer a 100% natural platform where you can challenge yourself on an equal footing and allow the discipline that has been destroyed by doping cancer to be reborn.

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