Physical exercise for men

Physical exercise for men

The best exercises for potency are aimed at pumping the PC muscle. It extends from the pubic bone to the sacrum, and its function is to keep the anus and the internal organs adjacent to it in the proper position. The muscle is subordinate to the nerve that controls the activity of the genitals and the anus, so it provides the connection between them and the brain. If it has the proper strength, it is a generator of vital and sexual energy, which in the process of transformation stimulates the production of hormones responsible for feelings of satisfaction and joy.

Exercise for men

The starting position is sitting on heels, a chair or a cushion, with the spine fully straightened and the muscles of the neck, face, arms, back and shoulders relaxed. The head should be slightly tilted forward, and the eyes closed.

Method of execution: you should tense the muscle and hold that position for 3 seconds, if at first you can’t hold it that long, it’s a sign of weakness of the PC muscle. In this case, keep the tension for 1 or 2 seconds. It should feel as if the pelvic area is slightly lifted upward. When you tense the muscle, you need to take a slow breath, and at the moment of relaxation, you need to exhale.

The duration of the exercise should not exceed 10 minutes. During this time it is desirable to make 10 runs, but if such a number is not reached, the exercise should be stopped anyway.

When the muscle becomes strong enough (this usually happens after a week of regular training), the duration of the holding tension becomes subordinated to the count from one to ten, and you should not sharply compress the muscle, on the contrary, you should gradually increase the tension along the count. Relaxation should also be done slowly and measured. The whole cycle should take 5 minutes.

Physical exercise for men
Physical exercise for men

After a minute break it is recommended to contract and uncompress the muscle 10 times at a fast pace. Initially this exercise may cause difficulties, but in the process of training the control of its activity will become complete.

Then the whole cycle with the slow increase of tension and relaxation should be repeated for a decimal count with a one-minute pause and tenfold rapid squeezing-unclenching. And after a short pause, do it a third time.

A feeling of tension and pulling may occur in the pelvic area, this should not be feared, as the muscle, which has been at rest for a long time, reacts to the load. But you should not strain too much during the first exercises, otherwise you might lose your enthusiasm before the first positive results appear. The effect should begin to appear after 2 weeks of daily exercises.

Subsequently it will be necessary to make a course twice a day for 15 minutes, gradually increasing the number of contractions, until it reaches 300 times. Exercises are good because they can be done even at work, with the emergence of the habit the need for counting is eliminated.

Swing the MS muscle can also be done in another way.

To do this, you need to sit on the floor on your back, legs slightly apart and tense the corresponding area. It is not so much the number of repetitions that matters here, but the strength of the tension, so you should pay attention to it.

It is possible to pump the PC muscle while standing. Legs apart, tense the area between the pubic bone and the anus as if you want to stop the flow of urination, with the pelvic muscles also tightened. In this position, the penis will be somewhat closer to the abdomen, the testicles will be higher than usual. The muscles must be held as firmly as possible for 10 seconds. Do not hold your breath while doing the exercise.

Naked exercises:

  1. Standing straight, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and bend slightly at the knees. Hands are placed on the hips or along the torso. It is necessary to make quick pelvic movements back and forth, slightly rocking the genitals. The inhale is deep and noisy, and the exhale – gradual and quiet. Seven breaths are one approach, followed by a thirty-second rest, after which the complex is repeated about 6 times. It is better to start the exercise in the morning, but it can be repeated several times during the day. These actions have a good effect on the level of potency and are used in some diseases of the genital system to improve the condition of the organs.
  2. For the next exercise you need to squat down and start pulling your scrotum up as much as possible, while simultaneously retracting the abdomen and buttocks. A short breath alternates with a discreet exhalation. Seven pull-ups make up one approach, followed by a twenty-second rest and a sevenfold repetition of the complex. This kind of action is indicated in the presence of disorders of sperm formation and a number of diseases of the genital system.

In addition to the above exercises, aimed directly at improving potency, it is recommended to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, engage in sports and give up bad habits. The effect of these measures will not keep you waiting and will affect the quality of sexual life in the most desirable way.

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