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Faced with a parallel progressive increase in overweight and physical inactivity in our wealthy society, we see in his Alter Ego SPORT fans, Suffering ended in Suffering, NO PAIN – NO GETTING more masochistic or multi-mega-functional- spartan-male-alpha training.

Who wouldn’t want to feel like a superhero, an invincible gladiator, an inexhaustible leader of the pack, a role model … who doesn’t want to reach that body that is carved into the rock that makes us the ALPHA man or woman we deserve to be?

We’ve read about the countless benefits of learning over the decades:

  • At the HORMONAL level, the increase in testosterone and growth hormone levels allows us to build muscle mass by melting fat like butter in the sun. In addition, the adrenaline produced by the activity stimulates the sympathetic (lipolytic) system, and in the long term, thyroid hormones increase heat production and energy expenditure.
  • At the ENERGY level, consumption of creatine phosphate, glycogen and intramuscular triglycerides forces our bodies to activate in REST mode to restore them, which implies another expenditure of additional energy.
  • At the TISSUE level of muscles and connective organs that suffer from microtrauma, and their recovery is associated with additional metabolic costs, not to mention the restoration of hydroelectric balance (physical activity affects various ions such as calcium, sodium potassium, etc. .), which the body must restore, and for this it also uses energy.

All of these factors represent ENERGY COST, so the logical conclusion is that the more I exercise, the more I will consume, and therefore MORE LIGHT I WILL … NO?

“Cum hoc ergo propter hoc”

However, there are countless people who, despite following a HYPOCHORICAL REGIME and DAILY training regimen, are still TIGHTEN in rebuilding their body and heavy fat (usually the thighs and legs in women and in belly in men) doesn’t seem to want to move from there.

Thus, the “logical” reasoning is that a more caloric DEFICIENCY and more TRAINING is needed, and the one that does not stand up, this is because “he has no balls”

Are we Spartans or who are we? Well, it’s … like donkeys on the wall! SUCCEED!! Ladybug is the last !!


The disadvantage is that one of the most important physiological laws is the PLACEMENT LAW, which says:

Faced with the same stimulus, the body reacts with decreasing adaptations.

This means that for an athlete who has spent years training the body, he no longer RESPONDS, as in the beginning, so the neuroendocrine response is increasingly decreasing. Testosterone no longer rises through the clouds, turning you into horses, GH no longer comes out of your ears in response to the production of lactic acid, and if that was not enough when we exercise daily, the thyroid gland plays a downward role in the conversion from T4 to T3, which leads to less heat and lower metabolism.

In short, the body has already learned the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf and … it’s not so scary anymore

Physical activity in terms of metabolism follows a Gaussian curve: both little and many keep it low. This is because if the agency uses up a lot of physical activity, it will retain it for the rest of the day as a compensation system.


” If you fall 100 times, get up 101 “

Yes, yes, Rocky, very cute … but once you learn NOT to FALL, the same thing works, and if the other falls, you WILL anyway, that’s it !!

Training is a stimulus for our bodies, but it is also a form of STRESS, obviously necessary for the type of adaptation that needs to be tested. However, when we want to lose weight, we add ANOTHER type of stress, which is calorie deficit. If this stress can be sustained in the beginning, as we lose weight, we build up the workload and approach the INCREASE POINT (% fat that our body perceives as dangerous), this stress INCREASES until the point at which the body cannot respond properly and in the response produces more cortisol.

This major hormone, when produced in excess, causes:

  • Increased blood pressure, resulting in less watering of the fat capillaries and therefore less metabolism (making weight loss more difficult)
  • Increased fasting glycemia and insulin production, which reduces the lipolytic effect of catecholamines (makes weight loss more difficult)
  • Increased fluid retention due to intracellular and extracellular sodium / potassium changes (we don’t lose weight or look worse)
  • An increase in gluconeogenesis from muscle mass (further impairing metabolism) can lead to a loss of muscle mass of 80 to 100 grams per day.

With this diagram, a strategy of further decreasing entry energy and increasing physical activity results in MORE STRESS, more CORTISOL, more HOLD, more LOSS OF MASS and more blocking weight loss.


This may sound counterintuitive, but the BEST BALANCE between stimuli and organic response will allow us to return to our optimal physiological state, so the quick answer is: exercise LESS and eat MORE.

Stress management is necessary when we want to properly lose weight, so if weight loss is at a standstill, we must control if:


  • WE ARE LITTLE AND / OR BAD a few hours of sleep .
  • WE ARE STRESSED – People with many responsibilities at work and / or in situations of particular concern and / or accustomed to worrying about everything, although they can positively use sports to break down, excess more stressors This can be converted to the equivalent of pouring gasoline over a fire. You will achieve much better results, reduce sources of stress and / or learn to manage them. It can be very helpful to practice guided relaxation techniques for 20-30 minutes a day, accompanied by breathing techniques (pranayama).
  • WE TRAIN TOO MUCH – In general, those who exercise too much are because they DO NOT know how to exercise and therefore do not reach the INTENSITY level necessary to require extra days of rest. In fact, there are very few (and very high level) people who are able to exercise productively every day and can often only do so for a short period of time (for example, the peak tuning phase). Usually training “a lot” is an excuse not to train really HARD !!
  • WE EAT TOO SMALL – When trimming and trimming results in rT3 levels too high, the pituitary gland tells the hypothalamus to secrete less TSH, and this causes the thyroid to produce less T4, so the metabolism slows down. LEPTINE level drops and
  • adipocytes are filled with Glut-4 and we start storing everything we eat in the form of fat.
  • WE DO NOT drink enough water – drinking a lot of water (100 ml per kg of body weight) has a noticeable effect on lipolysis due to its effect on sympathetic nervous activity and, as a result, the release of norepinephrine, more heat dissipation due to more frequent urination and better metabolism. fats from the liver when the kidneys are full of water and working normally. The best and most underrated thermogenic water of all … try to believe it!


  • Maintain a LOW calorie deficit: Ideal is to lose 0.5-1% of body weight per week, NO more !! A diet too aggressive in search of very quick results will turn on all the ANXIETIES and defense mechanisms of the body, which will close the level of metabolic costs.
  • Do at least TWO DAYS weekly reloads (once every 2 or 3 days) as we increase our starch intake (+ 50-100% of the average carbohydrate intake) and keep the fat as low as possible (between 10-15 grams)
  • Every 4-6 weeks, return to the normocoric diet for 1-2 weeks to resume metabolism and be able to continue to lose weight in the next cycle.

THREE WEEKLY WORKSHOPS (which in certain situations can become 2 or 4), when performed with the appropriate INTENSITY, is more than enough to achieve% fat and muscle development more than enviable !!

Always remember … NO BRAIN – NO INCOME

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