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Wondering how to buy steroids? Facts You Should Know

Steroid laws and regulations vary widely from country to country. In most countries, you can only legally own prescription steroids. For example, in the United States, all anabolic steroids are classified as Prescription Drugs 3 under the Controlled Substances Act 2004, making them illegal if discovered without a prescription. It is also not easy to get a doctor’s prescription for steroids; you must have a very compelling and compelling reason for the doctor to write you, for example, a condition such as andropause (absolute androgen suppression) or hypogonadism (very low testosterone levels).

Even if you can get a doctor’s prescription, the dosages prescribed will be much lower than what bodybuilders use for muscle development. Additionally, a large number of steroids commonly used by builders are actually veterinary drugs or drugs that are not manufactured by any pharmaceutical program for human consumption.

Having said all this, there is no denying the fact that there are actually several countries where you can legally buy steroids without having to prescribe prescription drugs, such as Thailand, Moldova and Mexico. If you are looking to bring steroids to your country (from these locations), it will be considered completely legal. Hence, it is impossible to regularly use legal anabolic steroids until you travel to these countries for the entire duration of your cycle. Otherwise, the only option he has is to look for steroids on the black market.

Steroids available on the black market

The steroids available for purchase on the black market come from two main sources: they are either produced by underground laboratories using imported raw hormones, or they are smuggled across the border from countries where they are legally available for sale. Pharmaceutical grade contraband steroids are generally very difficult to obtain and more expensive than those produced in underground laboratories. In the United States, most of the pharmaceutical grade smuggled anabolic steroids available on the black market originate from Mexico.

Underground Laboratories, on the other hand, import raw hormones from countries like China and offer them locally or for resale after versions are produced. The main problem when it comes to underground laboratories is that they are not regulated, so the quality of steroids depends entirely on the source. Almost 99% of the underground laboratories operating in the United States are run by men with no experience, and the resulting steroids are not even sterile, so they forgot about the correctness of the drug.

In bodybuilding circles, it is generally accepted that pharmaceutical grade steroids are superior to those obtained in underground laboratories. This is absolutely true. In all fairness, even if an underground laboratory prepares a steroid properly, it will rarely be as effective, effective, and safe as a pharmaceutical grade. The reason this is happening is due to the availability of all kinds of raw hormones in China, the cost of which varies greatly. In fact, some of the most popular steroids cost up to 15 times as much as the cheapest. As a result, many underground laboratories are avoiding the use of such expensive raw hormones and turning to cheaper ones to lower operating costs and increase profit margins.

Anavar is a great example – it costs almost 10 times more than Winstrol, although both steroids have the same effect on the body. For this, the novice steroid user may not be able to tell the difference between the two. It should come as no surprise that most Underground Laboratories are selling Anavar adulterated with Winstrol simply to cut down on manufacturing costs. In fact, in some cases, the Anavar you buy may actually be 100% Winstrol!

Given all the details above, it is very important to do your research and check sources before purchasing any steroid.

Try the anabolic steroid forums

There are several forums on the Internet dedicated exclusively to anabolic steroids. These can be good places to get your hands on some genuine anabolic steroids. Note, however, that it is sometimes very difficult to ask for steroids through the public posts on these forums. For example, many newsletters do not allow direct posting of messages regarding requesting information on anabolic steroid suppliers. The best way is to make him a member of these forums and then make friends with other people who may know something about the suppliers.

When you build relationships and trust each other, members can share this information with you. However, any such exchange is usually done through private messaging systems rather than public messages.

Try the open source forums

Another good option is to try the open source forums. This is the best option, but you need to be very careful when dealing with other people. These open forums originated from sellers who advertise their products. This implies that the information is public. Often vendors also provide contact details that are visible to everyone. However, these vendors may ask for recommendations before even discussing products with you. Then there may be providers who only provide links to portals.

It is very important to create authentic connections in these open source forums. Also, you should only accept recommendations from experienced members. In case you can manage to make a guarantee for these members, you will be able to establish contact with authentic suppliers. It is clear that suppliers will always pay close attention to the people to whom they sell their products.

And local gyms?

It is a well known fact that many people buy steroids from local gyms. However, please note that you will never find these substances freely available for sale on the counter. You may be silenced at first if you ask a different bodybuilder at each gym.

It’s about building trust and spending some time with these people before asking this important question!

As good sources of anabolic steroids, you can find some of the people commonly referred to as gym suppliers. Obviously, if you are not in a circle, you cannot find these people. Even if you do get to know them, they may not want to do business with you unless they first establish some kind of trusting relationship. Many times these gym providers report steroids from the internet. They simply buy from large companies and then resell them in smaller quantities on premises after reaching their margins.

Legal Steroid Fraud Information

In this article, we have already clarified that steroids are considered illegal in most countries when purchased or used without a prescription. So any website that claims to sell illegal steroids in these countries is actually a scam. The products available on these sites are nothing more than bad testosterone boosters, whose names are similar to those of real anabolic steroids with the sole purpose of tricking naive buyers. On the other hand, there may be some sellers who re-label packages to make them look like a completely different product, just to go through customs. So, you should know your suppliers well. Also, in these countries it is not possible to legally buy steroids with a credit card. Anyone who sells so-called legal steroids on the black market asks to pay via Moneygram, Bitcoin or Western Union.

Can steroids be tested to ensure their authenticity?

Unfortunately, there is no definite way to know if recently purchased steroids are real or not, they are looking at us. This is because pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids are usually counterfeit on the black market. If you really want to write lyrics, the only way to do it is to have a blood test using these substances. If the steroids you are using are genuine, your body’s testosterone levels are significantly higher than normal levels during your cycle.

Information about home steroid test kits

If you plan on using home steroid tests, please note that they have never been proven to give 100% accurate results. Most of these test kits are sold by chemists who trade in unreliable drugs, who create fake compositions themselves, and that they are 90% wrong in timing. They are not FDA approved and the people selling them are questionable, so you cannot rely on their results.

Additionally, many of these test kits can be purchased for $ 30 or more. The steroid bottle test costs $ 40! Most of these home steroid tests are spreading rumors of fake steroids in the market to compensate for the fear of newbies.

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