How to prepare for a competition

What you are about to read is the true story of a young man, passionate about natural bodybuilding, who, from his innocence, was put into the hands of a CICLADOS trainer. I am very well aware that, most likely, 99% of those who are going to read this, STRONGLY prepare in the same way, but I DON’T YET, repeating that NATURAL BODYLING is ANOTHER SPORT that follows DIFFERENT RULES.

GARRAFAL’s mistake is to think that preparing for a natural bodybuilding competition means doing the same thing as CHUTADOS, but WITHOUT taking doping substances…. Nothing could be further from reality.

NATURAL BODYBUILDING should mean not only REFUSAL TO DOPING, but also REFUSAL OF ANY KIND OF DANGEROUS practices that can harm our HEALTH This also does not mean that it is necessary to LOAD 15 kg of muscles in order to lose 10 fats and go on stage drier. than wet.

There are OTHER WAYS of preparation, which are VERY different and which allow us to reach the ultimate definition. PRESERVE (or even increase) all MASS muscles and STRENGTH by 100% NATURALLY, respecting our health, NOT only because hazardous substances are excluded, but also because they are NOT performed by all these absurd rituals typical of physical culture and drug bodybuilding

We are working on a SEMINAR for 2017, where we will tell you in ALL details what these strategies are and what their activities are.



I am a young man of 25 years old, I first entered the gym at the age of 14 thanks to a very good friend, as he once told me if I wanted to try a day with weights with him at the city gym, in the city where we live. Since he was small, he was always overweight, so I decided to go with him and that motivated me. After 2 weeks I signed up and started training.

Due to a lack of knowledge about diet and exercise, I started exercising and following a little diet as suggested by the gym owner. As you can imagine, in almost all gyms the routines are monotonous and almost the same, practically changing nothing, only exercise; as well as diet: rice, tuna, chicken and some salad.

After 2 years, when I was 16, the instructor told me that, of course, there was an IFBB championship in another locality, so we decided to prepare ourselves. As you can imagine, the owner has already told me how people deal with doping, but he always told him that I wanted to follow a clean line without taking anything.

So, 6 months before he put me on a strict diet, we say that then he weighed about 75-80 kg, so he was a little chubby. I was in puberty I went out with friends, we drank alcohol on the sly (young stuff) and that was good because it led me to cut the party a bit. It was good before I started cutting food down to an incomprehensible level.

3 months after the competition, I already lost a lot of weight, I think I was 70-75, but he wanted it to be drier. The weight he worked with was ridiculous, since he had almost no strength to train: chicken, some fish, only salad and some rice, potatoes and nothing else. He drank a lot of coffee to keep up with his daily workouts and outside of workouts.


As you can imagine, my uncle prepared me in a way that must have been the way he was in the days when he had to compete, but I only went for coffee and a little food without anything extra. A month after the competition, I slept badly, the training weights were even more ridiculous; In my memory, for the flat bar dumbbell press, I can only use +/- 15 kg for 8-10 reps. At the time, he was below 70 kg for a height of 1.80.

At the end of the day of the competition weighed 65-66 kg, funny. If it was very dry, but the muscle level was poor, I think my arm is 31-33 cm.

In addition to the last weeks of the competition, I drank a lot of teas that made me go to the bathroom every two to three, dizziness, cloudy vision … And this is not the worst, worst of all is that As teenagers who start dating, we smoked some marijuana joints, and without saying anything to anyone, I smoked some even to sleep, because I could not sleep because of the hunger I was experiencing.

After the competition, which was a promise, there was no classification, it was only a scene with obligatory poses and choreography, I could see the level, and how I am next to other people, I lost my balance, but at that level when I saw photos of comparative samples, I was furious to see how other competitors had to use everything. And they must have made it to my ass and I was there for no rhyme or reason. As I said, 65-66 kg with an increase of 1.80.



After the competition, I start to say that when I can eat everything after spending 6 months without food, what I mentioned earlier, I started eating without a truce I could not stop, it was a feeling of constant hunger … Just want to say that after 2 weeks I already weighed the same or more than before the start of training. As if in all the preparations I had not reached the day when I was left without hunger to sleep.

I had this change for a couple of months, where I was constantly starving, I did not feel full and I gained weight again; Imagine the extent to which it relates to, shall we say, the need to go to a competition, where what I saw I didn’t like, and where I knew that everything I looked at in magazines, for example, the motivation that I watched Arnold in magazines or other bodybuilders was a lie .. All these people were obsessed with ass !!

I was also +/- a month, not going to train to disconnect, it was quite difficult for me; but in the end remember. It should be said that during training I did only the classic pyramidal 12-10-8-6 in all exercises, and I did this for about 3-4 years until I started the module of physical and sports activity, and a little later I first met him at his School of Natural Bodybuilding, but I’ll tell you later.


Well, now I put you; The year of this competition was 2007, and the next year, when I continued to train, the owner of the gym told me that there is another competition, it was the Balearic Championships. And again I decided to prepare again, since everyone was mistaken, I thought that I would improve something on the level. The story repeated itself 6 months on a strict diet before the competition, and I was 17 years old.


Daily workouts from Monday to Friday, with some muscle repetition per week, cardio on an empty stomach .. hell. But I wanted to continue my line without taking anything, I wanted to naturally reach my limit. Everything was very difficult, I didn’t have the strength to just go to workout, every day I had to drink a lot of coffee to be able to stand, and after the line the weight decreased, I didn’t have the strength to lift the weight.

Classmates who saw me in high school, who studied with me, told me that I look like a corpse, my parents were worried … I had my little sister’s sacrament, where I had to take my keg of rice, chicken and lettuce without being able to eat anything more bloated than my coach’s head. This time it was more difficult, because I knew what was there and how everything would be; Hunger, insomnia and not wanting anything … as well as a joint to sleep, I could no longer.

A month after the competition, the owner of the gym asked me, as always, if I wanted to drink something, but I wanted to continue my line, I wanted to be different, I couldn’t let other people take sweets to go and compete. I remember that one of these days, a few weeks after the competition, my coach told me to try a diuretic, that there was nothing to increase muscle mass, just stay dry, it was called ALDACTONE, I looked at the flyer and saw that it should there was an increase in urine production and I trusted by taking 1 or 2 tablets for 2 days, but in the end I said no, I didn’t want to piss or whatever, I wanted to continue with my line of teas and ponytails.

aldactone-box As a result, the day before the competition, body weight: 66-67 kg, which is slightly more than last year, nothing, an increase of 1% per year, considering that I grew up from 16-17 years old, funny. So, the competition was held, I was the only junior under the age of 21, I took the title as the only one in my category, and at least we worked on the choreography, I took the trophy for the best representative of the championship. It shouldn’t be very good that I took the title of the best, because behind the scenes, a few meters away from me, I heard other members taunting and laughing at my expense, since it was also a little unwieldy.

After this competition, I was tired and I walked for a couple of months without touching the gym; I missed him for a good season, and all the people who motivated me that I saw on the internet and in bodybuilding magazines have already crossed them out forever. I saw with my own eyes that everything I liked was artificial … I knew what effort, suffering and its proportions … so that later everyone who had doping and sang to me would come forty.


After that, like last year, I got anxiety about food and again fell into the food circle without a conscience and gained a little extra weight again, which was after more time than in other competitions. I was about 6 months without satiety control, cardiovascular disease due to regret that I ate too much … it is something indescribable until you find that the situation.

I continued to study the cycle of physical and sports activity of a higher degree, where I learned a lot about the basics of strength and bodybuilding, where I was shocked by what I had done before, no periodization, no control, only the mythical 12-10-8-6, I didn’t know anything before … I could do the cycle exercises of the highest degree in a gym near my city, where, if I can apply my knowledge in this way, Logically, far from what I experienced before.

From here they made me an offer to work in this center, where I agreed, the managers told me that I applied it in the training room, it was very different from what they saw on the other monitors above. At the same time, I met Roberto Amorosi, who founded the NATURAL BODYBUILDING SCHOOL in Mallorca, since those days I have already seen everything differently … sounds very similar to this, but everything I wanted happened before my eyes: training with a foundation, food with a foundation, structuring everything and that Roberto gave so much strength to natural bodybuilding.


Since that season, everything has been different, at least I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, where I started training on the BIIO methodology, and I was also able to contact the center where I worked, and I also transferred my work to promoting natural bodybuilding to all partners, years of unreasonable bitterness have already passed, seeing everything from the point of view of a child, that he is still innocent of seeing three wise men who believe that they bring gifts; like me, who has seen giant people train for years, thinking that one day they might come up with something.

I must say that after I participated in the competition, after a few years, 2 of my best friends were ready to compete with the same methods as me, in the same gym and with the same trainer, owner. They also have a good rosary to say, because sometimes when we remember it with laughter so as not to cry, what the three of us have been through is hard to understand until one misses it

After all this, what we went through, and everything that we went through, we support everyone until the end of the world, Natural Bodybuilding; a reality that thanks to Roberto and natural bodybuilding associations such as UEBBN / WNBA Chema Menendez, all of us who instill this way of doing things manage to promote ourselves and we gain strength in front of all the mistakes that make us see “those on the dark side “. Thanks again for EVERYTHING you do every day.

From the moment I started training with Roberto and BIIO, I already got to know Chema and UEBBN / WNBA, and 2 years ago we were preparing to participate in the World Championship, which was organized in Madrid, where I managed to gain 78 kg with an increase of 1.84 from 23 years, unimaginable many years ago.

Well, I think I write for about 2 hours … I don’t want to be heavier than I was before; I just wanted to tell you my story, my life in regards to the world of scales and everything that we had to go through until we can count on NATURAL ALTERNATIVES, both in terms of the WAY TO PREPARE for this SCHOOL, and in relation to the “DOPING FREE” FEDERATIONS like UEBBN / WNBA !!

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