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As far as I remember, women were offered various fun activities as a tool for losing weight, more extravagant and exotic, from acrobatics. from Pilates to Zumba dance with multiple weights of maracas. You can see classrooms in any gym of your choice full of encouraging women who attend with great enthusiasm often, without missing any of the classes noted in their weekly plan. It seems to me that there is a great “macho conspiracy” that drives us out of the weighing room, as if we are not worthy to do serious things, “things for men” and therefore they send us to the deck to entertain ourselves with music and shows.

I rebel, I say no circus, which was created to deviate from the path that I really want to continue, and which must receive through my efforts a body like this little girl who, when it happens with all the jumping eyes.

Yes, I know, I am not old and I spent time in belly dancing lessons thinking my waist would shrink!

LETTER to wizards

I want to have a slim glute, strong legs, no damn cellulite and the desired flat belly, and if you ask too much, round your shoulders with your arms without those flaps that appear without waiting for you. This is a magnificent letter from the Three Kings: I don’t know a single woman who would like to change any of these words! My personal search for all of this led me to work with different women of different ages and biotypes, so I finally made a big step forward in my own athletic training and even more at a competitive level. One of the most important roadblocks we face is our basic metabolic state, especially for those over 35-40.

Up to this age, this should not necessarily be a problem if there are no other additives, such as obesity, that have been established over time. Hormones guide our mood through neuropeptides, but they also regulate our sex cycle (estrogens, progesterone, etc.), our hunger-satiety (ghrelin-leptin, etc.). .). The latter are also influenced by insulin, as we will keep in mind in this series of articles.

We are what our hormones want!

Daily testosterone production is 50 times less than that of humans. This blessed hormone provides the male, in addition to being safe, aggressive to hunt and therefore to fight for prey. that it is reproduced today by an act of activity in which this impulse is required, as reflected in the exercise with weights. This is one of the reasons why our body does not give us an inevitable instinct to drive ourselves while lifting weights, which, on the contrary, is most boring with the naked eye, except … Everyone sweats and smells, and this is so nondescript!

Also, if we stop to look at those huge muscle moles that are going through the free weights zone, just thinking that it might come out of my body, it gives me goosebumps! All this is what passes through our minds, without stopping at that:

  1. These are men (they produce more testoterone naturally) and many of them also …
  2. They are chemically modified (by anabolic injection)

Wake up! That we live in the 21st century, the era is absolutely worth it! Doping at par, hormone replacement therapy, surgery, aging treatment, prosthetics, botox, etc .; Do you think you will get giant breasts when you are in aerobics class with a girl who has them like this? Stop making excuses and stay on track: follow what you asked for in your Letter of the Three Kings and be sure your wishes won’t be fulfilled without your first try!

From caterpillars to butter

Prejudice, and let’s get back to our inefficient metabolism, unable to burn everything that my “balanced diet” brings me. I need to load it with intense exercise so that after a night’s rest at home after a busy day at work, I can continue to consume the fat that accumulates in my stomach and thighs.

And I don’t want to push pink dumbbells through a lot of boring and repetitive reps! But for effective exercise, in which my body must consume a lot of energy and with all the weight I can lift (safely, of course), for a number of reps up to 10 maximum, when the intramuscular injury is such that it must heal up to 14 days thereafter. The goal is to change homeostasis and so that stored energy (fats) is needed for tissue regeneration, as a result of which my body transforms from a mass that holds fluid in fat cells into a beautiful tonic and youthful body.

But let’s talk about something we don’t like: let’s talk about … our “balanced diet” where we take care of every integral, light and fat-free bite we eat.

“BALANCED” DIET (average woman):

  1. Coffee with skim milk (CARB) and whole toast (CARB) with light butter (FAT + CARB) and a thin layer of sugar-free jam (CARB).
  2. Grain & Fruit Energy Bar (CARB)
  3. Caesar salad with Parmesan cheese with Coca Light (FAT + CARB)
  4. An ounce of dark chocolate 70% no added sugar, coffee with skim milk (FAT + CARB)
  5. Whole grain pasta salad with vegetables (FAT + CARB)

Do you know how many calories, what makes you fat, and the hormonal disaster that unleashes an example of this carefully balanced menu?

Also, proteins don’t exist. The most curious thing is that when there are 3 macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), the concept of “balanced” is not that they are distributed in the same proportion (33% – 33% – 33%), but that the classic recommendations are usually 70 % – 15% – 15% … Someone missed some kind of math!

This is the moment of truth about proteins that you should be aware of before continuing your grand transformation plan. Proteins are a woman’s best ally, protein itself has a specific thermogenic effect, the assimilation of proteins produces thermogenesis, which is more important than that produced by carbohydrates and lipids: more than 25% of calories consumed in the form of proteins are dissipated as heat versus 10% of carbohydrates and 1 % lipids, stimulates the blocking of Glucagon against Insulin for the use of fats, and, on the other hand, it has a satiating effect, since it stimulates the hormones responsible for this function, reduces appetite. In addition to providing you with all the essential amino acids (the body does not produce them on its own) to maintain and / or increase bone and muscle mass. Reasons … and I add 5!


And let’s be clear, I don’t mean the “fantastic” proteins of broccoli, soybeans, lentils, etc., which contain incomplete amino acids of low biological value and which certainly include many beneficial nutrients, but neither in no way are they classified as noble proteins. Forget now the crunchy cereal flakes (and I’m not talking about the brands) that feature skinny young women without a gram of cellulite, in which their benefits for both sleep and energy are advertised in the morning (they appear to have chameleon-like properties), supplemented by vitamins. Why do you think they add vitamins? The reason for this! Of course, because they themselves do not contain more nutrients than the same box that surrounds them. Go for a PALEO-type diet where you won’t end up with low energy levels and have a better way to be on your way:


In the following publications, I will tell you some secrets to receive the Letter of the Three Kings.

100% natural greeting!

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